Thursday, November 7th, 11:30am – 6:30pm
Westside Cultural Arts Center
760 10th St NW, Atlanta


David Benoliel

Josef Blazar

Mark Seliger

Jose Villa


The Art of Printmaking and Selling Your Prints

with Josef Blazar

Josef Blazar is the owner of Blazing Editions, a fine art printing company based in Rhode Island. In his presentation, “The Art of Printmaking and Selling Your Prints,” Blazer will discuss the mission and background of Blazing Editions, emphasizing the importance of quality and customer service. He will also share information on various topics relating to printing images, from the benefits and drawbacks of paper and metal substrates to the importance of high resolution photos when printing from a camera. After an overview of important details in the process of printing and re-printing images, Blazer will provide valuable insight relating to art exhibitions, selling prints, interacting with galleries, and the hardships of online-focused selling.

The Digital Journey of Celebrity Wedding Photographer

with Jose Villa

Jose will discuss where he finds his inspiration, his digital journey and how he blends the two. He will also discuss what it takes to secure a high-profile customer in today’s photography market.

Creating Stunning Fashion and Fine Art Images

with David Benoliel

How I checked my ego in order to get the desired shots. I’ll tell the stories behind how personalities like Kevin Hart, David Koch, Iris Apfel, and Frank Lucas (Frank is the subject of the movie American Gangster played by Denzel Washington) can affect the mood of a shoot. I discuss how things went, how I handled situations. I discuss how crazy it can get sometimes and what I believe one can do to keep things even or what to do when caught in the eye of the storm. I believe a selfless approach to be a valuable asset in getting to the next level.

30 Year Retrospective Covering the Iconic Career of Mark Seliger

with Mark Seliger

Mark Seliger will walk viewers through the span of his 30-year career covering his many different genres and styles of shooting. Seliger’s work, which ranges from portraits of musicians and artists to Presidents and cultural icons from around the world, has been seen on the covers of Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Details and L’Uomo Vogue among others. He will discuss his method of working with his subjects; understanding how they perceive their own image and working with that idea to come up with the final image. Likewise, he will discuss shooting for a specific purpose, a cover for example, and the challenges and opportunities of such a process. Seliger will also discuss his fine art photography, which he has pursued alongside his commercial work.


12:00pm – 12:30pm – Welcome and Introductions

12:30pm – 1:30pm – Mark Seliger – 30 Year Retrospective Covering the Iconic Career of Mark Seliger

1:30pm – 2:30pm – Josef Blazar – The Art of Printmaking and Selling Your Prints

2:30pm – 3:30pm – Jose Villa – The Digital Journey of Celebrity Wedding Photographer

3:30pm – 4:30pm – David Benoliel – Creating Stunning Fashion and Fine Art Images

4:30pm – 6:30pm – Networking, Demos & Giveaways

All day by appointment :
One-on-One Business Consultation with Craig Oppenheimer from Wonderful Machine
Medium Format Clean & Check by Phase One 

6:30pm – 9:30pm – Special 15 Year Anniversary Celebration with Capture Integration

Business Consultation with Craig Oppenheimer From Wonderful Machine

Meet one-on-one with executive producer, Craig Oppenheimer. Craig works at Wonderful Machine, a production company with a network of over 600+ photographers around the world. In addition to producing projects of all shapes and sizes for prominent agencies and brands, he also consults with photographers to help them develop estimates, stock quotes and project proposals on a daily basis. Craig will be available for 20-minute consultations to discuss pricing and negotiating. Consultations are by appointment only. Space is limited.

Complimentary Service Check

Complimentary service and cleaning of Phase One or Mamiya Leaf camera systems.

  • Filter / CCD Cleaning
  • Firmware Updates
  • Replace Port Covers
  • Replace Sync Ports
  • Overall Equipment Cleaning
  • Evaluate Broken Accessories
  • Remote calibrations

Complimentary cleaning only for all other Medium Format Digital Camera systems.  

  • Filter / CCD Cleaning
  • Overall Equipment Cleaning

Camera System Service and cleaning Valued at $600 or more

Complimentary service and cleaning at the Stand Out Event is by appointment only.  There are limited appointments. Reserve your appointment today. If you cannot attend the service check, please email us.

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Ticket Price: $30



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