Discover ways to excel your photographic career with tips straight from the experts.

We ask Christian Ammann and Catherine Delaloye from STAND OUT Zurich, “Is Social Media a suitable place for photographers to market their work when platforms are so saturated?”.

We asked established photographer Christian Ammann and Production Paradise Marketing expert Catherine Delaloye, “If you were forced to spend 10% of your income on a marketing project, what would you do?”

Mert Durumoglu speaks to us at the STAND OUT Dusseldorf event about how he invests his marketing spend.

We asked Bill Cramer (Wonderful Machine CEO), Timo Lieber, Steve Richard and Miss Aniela, “If you were forced to spend 10% of your income on marketing projects, what would they be?”.

Advice from Paul Reiffer, Tigz Rice, Jonathan Taylor and Adrian Weinbrecht.

Tips For Aspiring Photographers, from our talented speaker lineup at the London event in April 2016.

Mert Durumoglu joins us at STAND OUT Dusseldorf and discusses social media as a marketing platform for Photographers.

Tips on methods of securing photography work from Mert Durumoglu at STAND OUT Dusseldorf.

We asked Mert Durumoglu how he finds photography work outside of the digital world.

Tips on how to secure photography work excluding online avenues.

Valuable advice and inpiration from Mark Seliger, Tony Gale, Douglas Sonders, Tim Wolcott, Steve Giralt, Bill Cramer and Jodi Jones.

We ask Paul Reiffer, Tigz Rice, Jonathan Taylor, Tom Barnes, Adrian Weinbrecht, Amit & Naroop and Nathan D’Amour what inspires them most.

What are the biggest challenges in the photography business, we ask Tigz Rice, Tom Barnes, Adrian Weinbrecht and Amit & Naroop.

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