Andrei Duman

Andrei Duman is a travel, landscape and aerial photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Born in Bucharest, Romania and raised in England, he received a Masters of Science in Finance and Investment from the University of York. He then moved to New York for several years before settling in Los Angeles, where he currently lives with his wife, Susan and their beloved Bengal cats Foo and Smash.

Duman’s work is driven by his passion for travel and exploration. He got his start in photography while touring internationally as a semi-professional tennis player, before moving on to investment banking, which afforded him the opportunity to travel the globe. He has visited over 80 countries so far, including many of the world’s most visually stunning and remote locations. He has swum in Jellyfish Lake in Palau, hiked amongst the Moai statues on Easter Island and explored the local fish markets of Zanzibar. He has witnessed the sunrise from a hot air balloon over the Maasai Mara, captured the aurora borealis in Greenland and hunted with the remote San Bushmen of Namibia.

Duman is patient, ever curious and adventurous. With each new environment, he challenges himself to be fully immersed in the location, learning to navigate unfamiliar cultures and different ways of life. His passion is evident in every composition. His artistic style reflects his appreciation for the natural and human world, both of which are demonstrated through clean, powerful and evocative photos. He encourages the viewer to look beyond what is right in front of them to the scale and breadth of what surrounds us. While Duman’s portfolio covers a wide range of subjects and environments, he is most passionate about aerial photography. He has logged many hours aboard planes and helicopters, composing an array of unique abstract fine art images shot from above.

Duman’s work has garnered the interest of many notable parties. Andrei is a featured photographer for The Weather Channel (TWC) with multiple articles published; he has been invited to be an Ambassador to Singh Ray Filters, Hoya Filters, Icebreaker Clothing and Soroa LED Lighting. He recently enjoyed a successful solo showing at the Four Seasons Hotel in Shanghai, China in addition to displays at the Getty, Los Angeles, the Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles and the Iris Gallery, Colorado. Notable publications include Business Insider, Readers Digest, The Daily Mail and a run as the main background image for Bing.com. The gallery is the culmination of over 10 years of work and fulfills Andrei’s vision of sharing a unique glimpse of our world that some may never otherwise get to experience.


Bella Kotak

Bella Kotak is a fine art, fashion and portrait photographer based in Oxford and London, England. An art lover from a young age she always knew that she would work within the creative industry. Photography changed her life when she picked up a camera and began a 365 project on Flickr. From that moment she was hooked by this medium that translates thoughts and imagination into tangible form.

Inspired by fairytales, nature and strong feminine characters Bella’s pictures lift the veil of the overlooked and reminds us that there’s magic in the most ordinary of spaces.


Bill Cramer

Wonderful Machine CEO

Bill is founder and CEO of Wonderful Machine, a production company with a network of 700 photographers around the world. After graduating from Penn State University in 1985, Bill spent the first few years of his career working as a photojournalist, covering Philadelphia for the Associated Press and The New York Times. He then spent many years shooting portraits for magazines like Forbes and Business Week, corporations like Comcast and Accenture, and institutions like Children’s Hospital and Drexel University. Most recently, he’s been developing a photography website aimed at consumers. Bill writes and speaks frequently on the subject of professional photography.


Brad Kaye

Brad Kaye is a commercial product and architectural photographer, retoucher and digital asset manager.  He has over a decade of experience shooting Phase One camera systems and mastering the various layers of Capture One Software. As lead Technical Support advisor at Capture Integration, Brad consults with and for the industry’s top photographers. A part of his platform is to educate clients on the endless possibilities associated with Phase One XF Systems. Known as the XF Xpert, Brad’s ability to deliver cutting edge XF/IQ Capture Pilot, focus stacking and custom tuning seminars is highly regarded within the photography tech industry.

Christian Oth

Christian Oth, Founder and Creative Director of Christian Oth Studio, is a world-renowned editorial photographer who has pioneered a distinctly evocative and authentically emotional editorial style through his approach to photography. His portfolio reflects his identity as a photographer who works in two distinctive worlds, where he walks a creative line between the worlds of fashion and wedding photography. His work is theatrical, incredibly romantic, with whimsical elements that give his work a remarkably memorable and identifiable quality. Each photograph conjures an image of style and luxury and above all, a feeling of refined elegance. So much so that his client list includes Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Martha Stewart, The New York Times Magazine, St Regis, Apple Inc., and Canon, just to name a few.

His experience over the past two decades in fashion, photojournalism, portraiture, advertising, still life and celebrity portraits combines into a singular method that has come to define the aesthetic of contemporary wedding photography. Christian leads a team of twelve photographers, each supported by a dedicated staff of photo editors, designers, retouchers and project managers, at his acclaimed studio in Manhattan, where they collaborate with the top wedding planners in the market, serving a discerning clientele that hails from around the world, including award-winning actors and actresses, entrepreneurs, artists, philanthropists and visionary leaders. Named one of the world’s ten best wedding photographers by American Photo, Christian’s authentic, evocative approach to shooting a couple’s wedding has refined the discipline into an art-form—a process that continues to evolve with every client. “My photographers and I approach each wedding with fresh eyes. I like to be open to new visual stimulation and come up with unique shots based on the personality and energy of each couple and the day they created. It’s out there if you know where – and how – to look.”

A trailblazer of photography and a Master Craftsman, each of Oth’s images are instantly recognizable with his distinctive style. “The combination of all the thought, planning, preparation and creativity that goes into each of my shots is immense,” he explains. “It is part technique and part creative style. It is everything I employ to make seemingly candid moments come to life, even as a still image. I strive to create and capture visual imagery full of raw emotion and intimacy.”


Doug Peterson

Doug Peterson is the Head of R+D and Product Management at Digital Transitions. He oversees internal product development and liaisons with Phase One’s R+D team on their product line. For more than a decade he has been the go-to-guy for rigorous technical testing of all new medium format digital hardware and software coming to market. Doug graduated with honors from Ohio University with a BS in Commercial Photography in 2007 and has a continuing passion for photography as well as the gear that enables others to realize their vision. His personal fine-art series Terra Nudum (bare earth) can be viewed at terranudum.com.


Jin-Woo Prensena

Jin-Woo Prensena, born in Germany and of South Korean descent, is a fine art photographer based in Los Angeles. He specializes in large-scale limited edition prints and is most well-known for daring aerial shots from around the globe that allow viewers to escape from their busy daily routines. Prensena has produced works from 7500 feet above downtown Los Angeles, flying over the remote riverbeds of the Icelandic highlands, the famous Faraglioni rocks of Capri, the tropics of Kauai, the frozen backcountry of Whistler, Canada and even deep in the Pacific Ocean with great white sharks, but his favorite way of capturing his images will always be from the outside of a helicopter.

Prensena’s work has been featured on CNN Traveler, Fox News, German TV outlets and Discovery Channel Canada. Most recently he has had the honor of having his work featured on the cover of National Geographic Traveler magazine.

His celebrity clientele includes Jennifer Garner, Chelsea Handler, Ben Stiller and Molly Sims. Prensena is proud to have his work displayed in private homes and executive offices throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Israel, the UAE, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.


Josef Blazar

Josef Blazar is the owner of Blazing Editions, one of the leaders in the Fine Art Printmaking Industry. His company is based in New England and is dedicated to providing the finest reproductions work on a variety of substrates. Working with an array of art professionals throughout North America, Josef has a broad knowledge of the art market. With a vast amount of machinery and expertise, his company has the ability to handle custom/unique jobs. Currently, Blazing has developed into the largest sublimation onto aluminum distributor to the fine art industry. The main focus of the company is based on quality & service.


Marc Koegel

Marc Koegel is a proud father of two, a fine-art photographer, educator, writer, and the director of Vancouver Photo Workshops LTD. He grew that business to be the largest family owned photographic education company in Canada. For his entire photographic career, Marc has been working in black and white exclusively. He is known for his long exposure landscapes, nudes and architectural photographs that have been widely exhibited internationally. His work has won numerous international awards such as the IPA, PX3, ND Awards, Spider Awards, and Epson Pano Awards.


Mark Seliger

Mark Seliger was born in Amarillo Texas in 1959, where he lived with his parents, Maurice and Carol Lee, and his two older brothers and younger sister, until 1964, when they moved to Houston. He attended Houston’s High School for Performing & Visual Arts and, from there, went on to attend East Texas State University, where his education began in earnest, as he studied the history of documentary photography.

He moved to New York City in 1984. In 1987, he began shooting for Rolling Stone. He was signed as their chief photographer in 1992. During his time at Rolling Stone, Seliger shot over 125 covers and began a long term collaborative relationship with Design Director, Fred Woodward, which continued into their work with GQ. They have co-directed numerous music videos for artists such as Hole, Lenny Kravitz, Gillian Welch and Elvis Costello.

In 2001, Seliger moved from Rolling Stone to Condé Nast. He shoots frequently for Vanity Fair, Elle, GQ, Italian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and German Vogue. In 2011, he founded a non-profit exhibition space for photography called 401 Projects,  which has featured shows for James Nachtwey, Eugene Richards, Albert Watson, Platon,  among others. He also hosts the Emmy-nominated show “Capture” on You Tube’s Reserve Channel, which focuses on candid conversations between established photographers such as Platon, Mary Ellen Mark, Martin Schoeller, Bob Gruen, etc and celebrities who are interested in photography (Dylan McDermott, Helena Christensen, Judd Apatow).

Seliger continues his love of the darkroom by using the platinum palladium process to create large-scale, 30”x40” prints, and his photographs have been exhibited in museums and galleries.


Pratik Naik

Pratik Naik is a commercial and editorial retoucher, working with top photographers, ad agencies, brands, networks, the film industry, editors of magazines, art directors, and other facets of the photography world. He has 9 years of experience as a high-end retoucher and has also been working in Photoshop for over 16 years.

On the side, Pratik is also a retouching educator, with experience on all levels, from intermediate to advanced high-level skill sets. Pratik’s ability to demonstrate and communicate concepts, examples, and techniques is what makes him possible. His work with clients all over the world allows him to effectively communicate the world-standard when it comes to retouching techniques and mindset.


R. J. Kern

R. J. Kern (b. 1978) is an American artist whose work explores ideas of home, ancestry, and the sense of place. He uses the photographic medium in multiple formats, utilizing both natural and artificial light to document the interaction of people, animals, and cultural landscapes.

His work has been exhibited in a number of notable exhibitions, including at the Museum of Modern Art (Tbilisi, Georgia), National Portrait Gallery (London, UK) and the Yixian International Photography Festival (Anhui, China) among others.

Awards and accolades include PDN’s 30 2018, CENTER 2017 Choice Award Winner, Curator’s Choice (First Place), the 2017 Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize (Finalist), and is the recipient of two Artist Initiative Grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board (2016, 2018).

Kern’s work has been presented in a number of publications, including a feature in National Geographic (November 2017), with his series The Unchosen Ones and Out To Pasture. In 2018, Kern published his first monograph with Kehrer Verlag titled, The Sheep and the Goats which was awarded one of “The Most Beautiful German Books 2018,” by Stiftung Buchkunst. He self-published his second monograph, The Unchosen Ones, which won an Award of Excellence in the Communication Arts 2018 Photo Annual.

Public collections holding his work include Center for Creative Photography, The Griffin Museum of Photography, the Plains Art Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. He is represented by the Klompching Gallery in New York and Burnet Fine Art in Minnesota.

He lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Richard Thompson

Los Angeles based automotive photographer Richard Thompson III draws on fifteen years’ professional experience and a lifelong love of cars to create high energy, atmospheric imagery for his clients. Trained at the Savannah College of Art & Design, his work combines elements of film, photography, and graphic design with a passion for all things automotive. 

Work with cars has led him around the world to create campaigns and social libraries for some of the world’s most recognizable car manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz, also serving as a creative director & media consultant to bespoke brands such as Pagani Automobili.

Most recently Richard collaborated with Daimler’s CASE group to create artwork for their upcoming Mercedes-EQ brand launch, in a series entitled EQ: Simulations.


Rodney Lough Jr.

Rodney is an award-winning Master Wilderness Photographer…

blah blah blah…bottom line is he does what he loves to do and in the end, it shows.  Join him for a fun-filled and interactive conversation about what got him going and what keeps him going.  You never know you might just come to love this guy, or not.

blah blah blah continues here…who has been traveling to the ends of the earth and weathered all types of climate, in a quest to find nature’s most exquisite terrains to photograph. Equipped with years of back-country experience – Rodney is determined to obtain that perfect image of Mother Nature at her best. From the sweltering dry deserts of the American Southwest to the rainforests in the Pacific Northwest, from waist-deep snowfields of the great Alaska wilderness to the heat in Death Valley, Rodney has survived everything the earth has thrown at him. He’s even survived a fall off a 30-foot cliff!

Renowned for the vibrant colors and rich textures of his wilderness landscape photography, Rodney is a purist who captures what nature creates, using no color filters or darkroom deception. The world today is a remarkable place full of beauty and splendor,” Rodney exclaims. “To witness the simple grandeur of creation, the miracle of nature, is perhaps all that we need. The peace received while viewing a leaf turned color at the height of fall is immense and divine.”

– Myriam Letchner [editor in chief | Popular Photography] “Rodney captures the stillness and quiet in the midst of a world of motion.  His photography renders a brief slice of time – when the light and the weather and the smallest details of the scene all align – timeless and magisterial.”


Scott Nidermaier

Scott Nidermaier is the Manager of Education and a Product Specialist for Phase One. He started as a lab tech in Montana, he then worked as a photographer’s assistant in NYC for some of the biggest names in the photography world. Scott then moved onto becoming a Digital Tech working with global brands in fashion and advertising. Scott was an Adjunct at Parsons School of Design in NY, teaching studio and light, advanced studio techniques, and advanced location lighting. Scott has also shot for a variety of commercial clients photographing vintage automobiles, as well as advertising architectural work. His personal work is in several private collections.


Steven Katzman

Steven Katzman is a self-taught photographer who over the years has combined his long-time interest in political science with his photographic journey. Although he does not work from anyone’s theories on the appropriate direction for contemporary art, most of his photographs exemplify the post modernist notion that to be relevant to the final quarter of the 20th century, art needs to be political in nature. Katzman is, however, an artist, not a propagandist. Consequently, his images are not overtly political: the viewer must take time to think about each photograph to arrive at its ultimate message.

Like his forerunners, Jacob Riis, Lewis Hine, and Dorthea Lange, Katzman presents beautifully crafted, matter-of-fact images of his subjects, but his work goes beyond the parameters of photo-journalism. Katzman’s goal is never to merely shock, rather, he wants the viewer to think about the image and answer these specific questions in his or her mind: Who is the person in the photograph? What is (or was, in the case of the death images) their life like? How do you feel about the issues being raised? Katzman has already asked these questions of himself. He arrived at his answers through the direct experience of being up close and personal with his subject no matter how emotionally difficult it was for him. Through photography, Katzman attempts to share his experiences with the viewer.

Steven has received numerous awards in photography including a three-year Kodak Professional Photography Division Corporate Grant, Polaroid Corporation Artist Grant, and an Ilford Corporate Grant. Mr. Katzman has exhibited his photographs in numerous galleries and museums in the United States and internationally.

Steven currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his partner, Wendy Getchell, and their three dogs; Taxi Mundo, Bella Luna, and Patti Patterson. Using the Phase One camera system has given Steven the tools to capture the quality and output his images warrant. “The hyper-reality is just incredible!” – Steven Katzman.


Vincent Lions

Vincent Lions is a professional photographer born in France, based in Toronto, Canada since 2004. He specializes in conceptual, still-life, and commercial photography. His background as an agency art director gives him a distinct advantage in valuing the creative and narrative aspect of photography just as much as technique and lighting. “There are three criteria I follow when creating a visual; it must meet my own exacting standards, and meet or surpass the expectations of my clients. Most importantly, it must draw viewers’ attention to the subject and elicit their excitement. I can’t imagine anyone responding emotionally to my work if I myself didn’t feel passion and fulfillment in the creative planning process.”


Walter Borchenko

Accomplished photographer, author, teacher, international speaker, evangelist for better digital photography and founding partner of B3K Digital is a partial list of achievements. International experience working with photographers brings a deep understanding of what it takes to bring your work to the next level.

Yulia Gorbachenko

Yulia Gorbachenko is a beauty and fashion photographer based in NYC with a Master’s Degree in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts (SVA). She is originally from Ukraine and her work has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, InStyle and other publications. Her clients include Becca, Clinique, ColourPop, Essie, Garnier, GlamGlow, Guess, IL MAKIAGE, L’Oreal, Make Up For Ever, Maybelline and Universal Standard.


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