David Benoiliel

David Benoliel is a talented beauty and fashion Photographer originally from Paris and now based in the United States between New York, Miami and Los Angeles. David is best known for creating powerful images through his dramatic use of lighting techniques and his advanced editing skills. The result of David Benoliel’s work is a collection of nearly perfect images, which have garnered David publications in most fashion magazines, as well as an entire host of accolades.


Andy Biggs

Andy Biggs is an avid adventurer, conservationist, teacher, and outdoor photographer whose photography celebrates the African landscape and its rich wildlife, people, and culture. With a deep respect and understanding for African wildlife, Andy unfolds the world of the Serengeti, the Okavango Delta and other wildlife-rich destinations onto our doorstep with striking emotional depth. His photographic safaris allow the traveler to not only enhance their understanding of photography, lighting, and wildlife, but to develop a life-long admiration for Africa ‘s beauty and culture. Andy’s photographs have been used as the cornerstone of Banana Republic’s Urban Safari campaign, and through this campaign his images were seen in all 750 stores around the globe as well as in their billboards, catalogs and annual report. Andy was also the winner of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, Wild Places category, as well as Highly Commended in the Unique Visions of Nature category.


Josef Blazar

Josef Blazar is the owner of Blazing Editions, one of the leaders in the Fine Art Printmaking Industry. His company is based in New England and is dedicated to providing the finest reproductions work on a variety of substrates. Working with an array of art professionals throughout North America, Josef has a broad knowledge of the art market. With a vast amount of machinery and expertise, his company has the ability to handle custom/unique jobs. Currently, Blazing has developed into the largest sublimation onto aluminum distributor to the fine art industry. The main focus of the company is based on quality & service.


Walter Borchenko

Accomplished photographer, author, teacher, international speaker, evangelist for better digital photography and founding partner of B3K Digital is a partial list of achievements. International experience working with photographers brings a deep understanding of what it takes to bring your work to the next level.

Annabelle Breakey

Annabelle Breakey has been shooting since 1990 when she received a BFA in Photography from the Academy of Art University. With over 30 years of experience she has come to understand that successful food photography must evoke two things: 1) to make the person viewing the image want to fall in love with the photo and 2) to nurture the working relationships that create your career. There is a moment of magic that happens when capturing the most enticing appetite-appeal of a subject. Perhaps, the real magic is the experience of a job well done, in partnership with your client that creates a long lasting relationship.


Ed Cooley

Formerly a software engineer, Ed Cooley took up photography as a release from the stress of his 60 hour work weeks. He soon found himself spending more and more time in the wilderness photographing the scenery around him. A solo hiking accident in 2009 left Ed pinned, partially underwater, in the Arkansas wilderness. Following a harrowing rescue and six month rehab Ed could no longer spend his life stuck in an office. He now travels worldwide pursing his passion for scenic photography full-time. Fine art prints of Ed’s work are sold through art consultants, designers and his hometown gallery in N.W. Arkansas. His bold compositional style and tenacious search for extraordinary scenery has garnered international acclaim winning over 500 awards including top honors in PPA, PSA, IPA and other international competitions.


Bill Cramer

Wonderful Machine CEO

Bill is founder and CEO of Wonderful Machine, a production company with a network of 700 photographers around the world. After graduating from Penn State University in 1985, Bill spent the first few years of his career working as a photojournalist, covering Philadelphia for the Associated Press and The New York Times. He then spent many years shooting portraits for magazines like Forbes and Business Week, corporations like Comcast and Accenture, and institutions like Children’s Hospital and Drexel University. Most recently, he’s been developing a photography website aimed at consumers. Bill writes and speaks frequently on the subject of professional photography.


Steven Friedman

Steven Friedman graduated from University with a degree in Economics and pursued a successful career as an Economic Consultant. First working with a pre-eminent Canadian economic think tank, and then breaking out on his own, it wasn’t until he found an SLR camera on an autumn hiking adventure in the Gatineau Park that he took his first photograph. This new found craft quickly became his passion and before long he established himself as a respected fine art photographer.

Steven’s talent for capturing the natural beauty of the world through his expansive, evocative landscapes can’t help but bring you into the moment. The imagery transports you behind his lens to explore remote and inaccessible regions, awakening a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world; the crispness of the air as the sun rises, the smoothness of sandstone carved by thousands of years of wind and water, the dance of intense colour.

Steven’s prior life as an Economist seems incongruous with the artistic side of his brain that creates such beautiful art, yet they are similar. As an Economist, he made sense of often random appearing data; in his photographic work he makes sense of the chaos of nature.

To capture the images, Steven travels to remote locations around the world with his wife Joni, hiking sometimes 20 kilometres to an inaccessible region and working with impossible patience. He has visited a location for eight days to capture just the right light, waiting long periods for the rain to stop, the wind to still, the fog to lift.

Yulia Gorbachenko

Yulia Gorbachenko is a beauty and fashion photographer based in NYC with a Master’s Degree in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts (SVA). She is originally from Ukraine and her work has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, InStyle and other publications. Her clients include Becca, Clinique, ColourPop, Essie, Garnier, GlamGlow, Guess, IL MAKIAGE, L’Oreal, Make Up For Ever, Maybelline and Universal Standard.


Olivia Hellman

Olivia graduated Connecticut College with a liberal arts degree in Sociology (pretty useful, right?) when she realized she needed an applicable, real-life skill. Miami Ad School turned out to be the best place for that. Entering into their Art Direction program, she was introduced to creative thinking as well as the software that helps create the visual to support creative ideas. After completing the core classes, it was time to jump ship to the next process of learning.

A few weeks later, Olivia was introduced to Claude Shade, a self-proclaimed “Coyote” who, unbeknownst to her, ended up changing her life. They started slowly, working together to create a deck of cards then progressing to their first Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Artist Poster (a collectible poster given to the artists who perform at the annual music festival in Golden Gate Park). From then on, Claude and Olivia were a team and she started assisting him full time at the Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in-house studio. They were the jack-of-all-trades sort of place, you bring them an image and they can create it for you. They built sets, dialed in the lighting and took it all the way through Photoshop to create beautiful pieces. As many know, the agency life is non-stop and after four-and-half years assisting, it was time for the next step.

Black Squirrel Studios was founded in March of 2015. Originally started as a portrait studio, it has now developed into a fine art studio, creating artwork that brings a sense of humor and beauty to the world. The first series Olivia created is Taxidermy & Co., which can be seen on in the fine art section. They are surreal and painting like, with a “special sauce”created in Photoshop. Each piece comes in an edition of 27, which is Claude’s lucky number. He sadly passed away this last Thanksgiving and it is now Olivia’s duty to carry on his style and teachings within the photography world. 


Carol Highsmith

Carol M. Highsmith, who was born in North Carolina and raised in Minnesota, is a visual documentarian who has devoted her career to capturing images of early 21st Century America that are updating the historic prints & photographs collection at the Library of Congress.

The year 2019 marks the 40th year that she has photographed across our land for our great national library and for posterity, since her collection of images there — now topping 65,000 and growing — will endure and be available to any and all, in the words of the Library’s unparalleled preservationists, “without end date.”


Bob Kaufman

Bob Kaufman is an Anchorage-based media entrepreneur and fine art photographer. Almost thirty years ago, he left his cushy consulting job in Boston and set off to build a life in Alaska.


Katie Keller

Katie has been with Wonderful Machine since 2017. Prior to that, she spent 5 years in video production for Penn State Football and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, as a marketing specialist, she works with photographers to build their brand and connect with the right clients. Katie helps photographers see their portfolio from a client’s perspective, determine their target audience, and formulate a sustainable marketing plan aimed at reaching their goals.


Marc Koegel

Marc Koegel is a proud father of two, a fine-art photographer, educator, writer, and the director of Vancouver Photo Workshops LTD. He grew that business to be the largest family owned photographic education company in Canada. For his entire photographic career, Marc has been working in black and white exclusively. He is known for his long exposure landscapes, nudes and architectural photographs that have been widely exhibited internationally. His work has won numerous international awards such as the IPA, PX3, ND Awards, Spider Awards, and Epson Pano Awards.


Keith Major

New York City native Keith Major’s love for photography and art began in his pre-teen years, when he attended after-school programs at the Brooklyn Museum of Art and Pratt Institute. Keith specialized in photography at New York’s highly regarded High School of Art and Design, and after graduation attended the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. With more than 30 years of experience and a roster of A-list clients including Sony Music, Colgate-Palmolive, Essence and Cosmopolitan, Keith has achieved his childhood dreams and established a sterling reputation as one of New York’s most talented and productive commercial photographers.


Michael Muller

Michael Muller is an award-winning celebrity and advertising photographer and director whose work has appeared in countless campaigns and major publications. He is also one of the top key-art photographers in the business, with credits ranging from Sons of Anarchy to all the Iron Man movies, Spider-Man, The Avengers, Spring Breakers, the X-Men movies, and Captain America: Winter Soldier.


Stan Musilek

Stan Musilek was born in Prague and grew up in West Germany where he studied mathematics at the University of Heidelberg. Eventually, family tradition resurfaced (his grandfather owned a photo studio) and Musilek followed his true passion. After four years of photo assisting he set
out on his own and moved to New York to shoot commercially.

Today, Musilek is well known for his advertising images, which incorporate contemporary trends in fashion, architecture, and design. Art directors often collaborate with Stan in the early stages of conceptualizing and depend on his ability to customize his approach to a variety of projects. His images have won numerous awards over the past decades and he continues to be recognized as one of the innovative and irreverent photographers working. His creativity, wit and sense of style combined with a pursuit of the latest conventional and digital photographic technologies allows for his constantly evolving eclectic style. Musilek has made a conscious decision to shoot 50% still life and 50% people in order to continuously refine his knowledge in both arenas and mainly to keep his sanity.

Currently, Stan spends his time btw Paris, St. Barthelemy and SF accepting selectivecommissions, but mainly concentrating on his personal work.


Craig Oppenheimer

Craig Oppenheimer is an executive producer at Wonderful Machine, a production company with a network of over 600 photographers around the world. In addition to producing projects of all shapes and sizes for prominent agencies and brands, he also consults with photographers to help them develop estimates, stock quotes and project proposals on a daily basis.

Paul Reiffer

Paul’s professional photography career is built on sweeping landscapes and electrifying cityscapes. He was the winner of the UNESCO International Year of Light competition with his shots of Shanghai, and his work has been exhibited all around the world – from the Royal Albert Hall and Houses of Parliament in London, to the largest screens in Times Square, and even a sandbank in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

As a UK-based Phase One ambassador, Paul’s photography is used by some of the best-known brands in the world and his passion for sharing knowledge sees him delivering exclusive travel workshops for dedicated photographers wanting to further refine their skills.


Mark Seliger

Mark Seliger was born in Amarillo Texas in 1959, where he lived with his parents, Maurice and Carol Lee, and his two older brothers and younger sister, until 1964, when they moved to Houston. He attended Houston’s High School for Performing & Visual Arts and, from there, went on to attend East Texas State University, where his education began in earnest, as he studied the history of documentary photography.

He moved to New York City in 1984. In 1987, he began shooting for Rolling Stone. He was signed as their chief photographer in 1992. During his time at Rolling Stone, Seliger shot over 125 covers and began a long term collaborative relationship with Design Director, Fred Woodward, which continued into their work with GQ. They have co-directed numerous music videos for artists such as Hole, Lenny Kravitz, Gillian Welch and Elvis Costello.

In 2001, Seliger moved from Rolling Stone to Condé Nast. He shoots frequently for Vanity Fair, Elle, GQ, Italian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and German Vogue. In 2011, he founded a non-profit exhibition space for photography called 401 Projects,  which has featured shows for James Nachtwey, Eugene Richards, Albert Watson, Platon,  among others. He also hosts the Emmy-nominated show “Capture” on You Tube’s Reserve Channel, which focuses on candid conversations between established photographers such as Platon, Mary Ellen Mark, Martin Schoeller, Bob Gruen, etc and celebrities who are interested in photography (Dylan McDermott, Helena Christensen, Judd Apatow).

Seliger continues his love of the darkroom by using the platinum palladium process to create large-scale, 30”x40” prints, and his photographs have been exhibited in museums and galleries.


Jose Villa

People often ask me how I developed my style, and how I create images that stand out in today’s highly competitive wedding market. Well, I am a Fine Art Wedding photographer. My approach applies fine art photography to the living, breathing, fast-moving phenomenon that is a wedding. For me, it is all about making something beautiful. Ultimately, my goal is to craft vibrant, energetic, fine art images that are as unique as the people in the photographs.

Im humbled to say that I have been published in many Magazines around the world and have friend and contacts with, Martha Stewart Weddings,Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue Italia, Vogue Mexico, Vogue Bride Australia, Vogue Bride Japan, Elegant Bride, Instyle Weddings, Inside Weddings, BRIDES, Modern Bride, Pacific Weddings, Southern Weddings, Cosmo Bride, PDN, American Photo, and many more around the world.


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